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Cocobay - Danang

Our mission

Relex is the world's first cryptocurrency-based real estate development investment opportunity. RLX holders have the opportunity to invest in projects during the development phase, which results in exciting opportunities such as passive income, equity stakes, or proxy ownership of property.

Relex gives the institutional benefits of world class real estate FDI development to the people and acts as a gateway to streamlining FDI into developing economies. We’re bringing our offerings onto the blockchain, such as Cocobay Danang, with its iconic tower seen here.

As an investor and proxy developer, you’ll have your voice heard regarding design and implementation of the final master plan.

Relex is a blockchain-based crowdfunding vehicle invented by Squawk Advisors Inc., which has an FDI development portfolio across the world since 2014.

Our Features

Relex is the world's first real estate development cryptocurrency, designed to provide better and easier access to high-yield development projects around the world. Listed real estate projects are held to a high level of transparency in order to be eligible for institutional capital consideration.

According to Jones Lang Lasalle's Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2016, almost 75% of global capital invested in commercial real estate is in the Top 10 most transparent countries in the world. That means that projects in countries with low transparency scores are considered ineligible projects for investment. What if transparency scores in projects located in developing countries were improved?

Relex is solving this problem by increasing transparency and accountability standards for real estate development projects in developing nations with low transparency scores. With Relex, the projects that we partner with agree to a more strict line of transparency and accountability standards.

In turn, projects on the Relex blockchain get an increased transparency and accountability score, and become eligible for a wider stream of investable capital into their projects. This is a win-win situation for both the investor and the project owners, in which there is better capital access, and better access to real estate development projects with a high degree of yield.

With our crowdfunding solutions, many of our offerings will have no minimum investment amount for individuals across the globe.

We have negotiated a variety of deals across boardrooms in Southeast Asia and North America in order to negotiate the highest possible commissions we can- in some cases, up to as high as 10%. We redistribute these hard-won commissions on premium market contracts back to you, the community, as a way to give our proxy developers the best deal possible while they take an active role in the development of our partner developers' projects. We are broker and agent friendly! Come talk with us if you would like to list your project on our platform.

Have a design for a new building? Have a better way to increase foot traffic? Have a mastermind way to put a megaproject on the map as a regional or global hotspot destination? Now you have the chance to prove your worth as a proxy developer with some of the top and emerging development companies in Asia and North America, and have your ideas transformed from dreams to blueprint.

How It Works



Squawk Advisors identifies, filters, negotiates, and originates a new real estate development contract.



Investors then signal interest of investment into the newly signed project by sending 1 RLX to the developer signaling wallet.



When the developer sees an adequate amount of signaling for the project, the developer will open the wallet address. Developer signaling phase will conclude.



After the signaling process is completed, the development contract is released to investors.



Investors then send RLX to the developer's wallet to be used to develop the resort,hotel, skyscraper, or office building.



ETH bonuses are sent back to investors when developer distributes profits.


Our Projects




Acquire Woodfine LP units to build out professional centers, industrial buildings, retail, and office buildings across Canada.

Woodfine forecasts a 300% capital appreciation during the development cycle and annual distributions of over $20 per LP Unit. No bank debt; private wealth compliant; 17% occupancy watermark to achieve profitability.

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Management Team

Keith Hilden

Keith Hilden


Keith Hilden is the CEO of Relex. Keith has had experience with cryptocurrency since 2011, and has ran frontier market private equity investment advisory firm Squawk Advisors since 2014. Speaking both Chinese and Vietnamese, Keith possesses extensive finance and real estate experience in the region. He has worked in the field of investment advisory with client partners from top regional investment firms, such as MBMG Group and Leopard Capital. Keith has worked over the years to deepen investment ties between developing markets in Asia and North America.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Vice Chairman

An ex-VP of marketing at JP Morgan, Peter also has extensive experience in the areas of risk management and devising strategies to mitigate fraud. Peter has a proven track record of constantly adapting to any fluid environment, and building and leading high performance teams.


Oksana Lozytskaya


Over 20 years of real estate experience in Eurasia and the Caucasus region. Founder and author of the Digital System Transformation program. Possesses broad experience in the areas of fintech and implementation of the digital economy at the national level.

Paul Goncharoff

Han Wen


Han Wen is a highly sought after talented IT professional who has experience in payment system integrity in the area of mobile banking. He has consistently held senior software engineer titles in everything he does since 2009.


Scott Duncan


Scott Duncan has a rich degree of work experience with the Australian government in terms of urban city and rural town planning, and is particularly well versed with providing solutions to governments in need of infrastructure and regional planning solutions.

Artem Dorokhov

Artem Dorokhov


Artem has extensive experience in communication and digital marketing for international companies, such as FIFA. He has successfully employed his creativity and strategic perspective in different industries including hospitality, IT, and journalism. Artem adopts and executes marketing initiatives and PR strategy for Russian-speaking regions.

John Ro

John Ro


John Ro bought his first bitcoin in 2014 and has been enthused with blockchain technology since then. He set up an investment firm to invest in cryptocurrencies. As an Enrolled Agent, he is licensed by the US Treasury to prepare tax returns and represent clients before the IRS in all 50 states. Being known as a crypto guy, he has advised numerous clients who trade, mine, and develop their own cryptocurrencies. He is especially excited to see how blockchain technology can be applied to numerous use cases now and in the future.


Jason Toncic

Chief Spokesman/Chief Publicist

Jason Toncic (“JT”) utilizes his experience in education and journalism for marketing in the emerging fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency. As a former administrator for the cryptocurrency VeChain, he has proven himself to be extremely agile in the frenetic cryptocurrency market. He manages the entire marketing team under him.

Ayman Tamimi

Ayman Tamimi

Community Manager

Ayman Tamimi has a background in engineering and manufacturing, providing ample insight into the drug discovery process, R&D, quality management, and product development for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Ayman has experience working with biotech start-ups and as a pharmaceutical consultant in a cross-functional capacity.

Hriday Sarma

Hriday Sarma

Chief Business Strategist

Hriday Sarma has extensive experience working on behalf of the Indian government in Azerbaijan, Israel, and other nations. He is also the Founder of the Caucusus Asia Center, an organization working to deepen investment ties between the Caucusus and South Asia.

Irina Nikitina

Irina Nikitina

Creative Director

Over the course of her 8 year experience in web design, Irina has worked on visuals for local branches of such brands as Levis, Guess, and Hugo Boss. Her portfolio showcases artwork for numerous companies and events. Irina is teaching web design history and software application courses at the International Humanitarian University in Odessa, Ukraine. Irina has done much of the Relex artwork in recent months and will continue to shape Relex's brand image.


Andrea Romaoli Garcia

Marketing Director, Latin America.

Andrea has been acting in a professional capacity for over 20 years for private companies and investors, and is specialized in the management and administration of non-profit organizations and government regulatory activities. She is a Strategic Council Member in ICANN and ITU -UN working in Switzerland, New York, Brazil, and Africa.


Matthew Bartolo

Intern for Political Liaison Officer Position

Matthew Bartolo is a graduate student at Citadel Military College and is a serving US Army Cadet. Matthew can also speak Mandarin Chinese, and is responsible for establishing relations with governments and relevant bodies for the development of infrastructure projects in these nations.


Relex is an investment platform that uses cryptocurrency to provide transparency, accountability, and immutability to real estate development investment opportunities that could otherwise be considered too risky or opaque. The Relex team makes investing easy and safe by thoroughly scrutinizing the partnerships it takes on, only adding to its portfolio those that meet detailed requirements. As an additional layer of safety and transparency, the RLX cryptocurrency token is then used as the medium to invest in development opportunities that have already met the rigorous standards set forth by the Relex team. By placing these transactions on the blockchain, the investment process is enhanced to fit the complexities of the modern, global economy: funds are easily traceable while retaining investor privacy, paperwork hassles are reduced by upgrading them to immutable smart contracts, and investor capital is secured through contractual agreements on the blockchain. Relex provides simple, safe, and secure investments in an ever-expanding world.

In the past, real estate developers searching for international investors would have to look for investors within a very narrow pool of institutional investors who generally have already invested in that market before. First-time conversions of investors to new markets proved to be a very difficult task, as there was no framework of unified international law and standards to adhere to. Hence, real estate developers had to spend 6-12 months in order to secure funding for the real estate project they wished to build, or alternatively submit to bank loans which could be in excess of 10 percent interest along with collateral requirements. In short, developers were stuck with a slow, ineffective process recycling the same pool of investors over and over. Real estate development profits went into the early-stage investor pockets, and bid up the real estate units to prices as high as the market would bear to real estate purchasers of the new real estate units. This made the institutional investors have the undisputed advantage in negotiations, and institutional investors became a new affluent class as they were the “gateway” of investment funds into a country or project’s real estate opportunities.

Although there are real estate development opportunities in the developed world, many of the best, most lucrative opportunities are in the developing world. However, these development opportunities are seen as too risky for much investor capital to invest in.

On the blockchain, Relex will increase transparency in investment opportunities that could otherwise be too risky/opaque. This gives a great understanding as to why transparency (via blockchain) is important:

Regular fiat funds are also illiquid due to regulatory lockup periods, as well, whereas cryptocurrency creates greater liquidity for access to funds. This benefits real estate developers in being able to optimize their management and operating costs regarding many resources freed up by utilizing the Relex blockchain funding platform, which allows more rapid deployment of funds to be better able to execute real estate development construction in less time and at lower cost.

Additionally, there is the digitization of our existing paper contracts. The plan is to create a variable smart contract system, which is automatically triggered by external events. Smart contracts are deterministic exchange mechanisms controlled by digital means that can carry out the direct transaction of value between untrusted agents.

Lastly, consider this vignette:

Advisory Guy A says to Project Owner A, “Hey, let's make a contract. If you pay me a fee, say, 3% on a 100 million USD multipurpose office/apartment building with a shopping mall component, I will source the investment for you by connecting you with my contact, and when I introduce my contact, if my investor invests, you pay me the $3 million.”

The problem with this, and what has gone on for over 100 years, is this: How can you be sure that when you introduce your investor, that the investor and the project owner will 'play ball'? In other terms, how can you be certain that Advisory Guy A does not get the run-around and the deal is done without Advisory Guy A's knowledge?

This is why private equity investing turns from an initially super simple concept into a battle of wits to somehow lock in the deal so the investor and project owner does not go astray.

However, there has finally been a change to this dynamic by way of the introduction of the blockchain ledger. No more is there a need to structure a finely worded agreement to serve as oversight when the blockchain does that and more. That is one problem that the Relex blockchain solves.

Additionally, it completely disrupts the 100 year old Advisory model of Project Owner A, Advisory Guy A, and Investor A, because when you have a blockchain-based model, not only do you have bulletproof accountability that the developer and investors act as intended, but also that it disrupts the advisory commission model.

Because now the incentive is shifting to redistributing these commissions to the investor where it rightfully belongs. This gives the investor a further cushion on their investment.

This also completely overturns thousands of advisory businesses and the old Chinese merchant referral model for real estate development investment advisory because now the fees they charge render their business uncompetitive, as there is officially no reason to charge 2%, 5%, or 10% commission.

The era of the predatory 6% fee is effectively over


Squawk Advisors identifies, filters, negotiates, and originates a new real estate development contract.


Investors then signal interest of investment into the newly signed project by sending 1 RLX to the developer signaling wallet.


When the developer sees an adequate amount of signaling for the project, the developer will open the wallet address. Developer signaling phase will conclude.


After the signaling process is completed, the development contract is released to investors.


Investors then send RLX to the developer's wallet to be used to develop the resort, hotel, skyscraper, or office building.


ETH bonuses are sent back to investors when developer distributes profits.

We had our investment platform up and fully operational for our non-crowdfunded offerings from December ‘17 to June ‘18. We then started to re-engineer the platform in June in order to prepare for our new crowdfunding portal to be released in the next coming months.

Relex Development and Relex Life represent two completely distinct markets, each with their own regulatory compliance requirements. A single token would have complicated regulatory compliance requirements, as they are vastly different for the development and health solutions. Additionally, the capital requirements for the two are quite different from one another, which would create an odd discrepancy of the coin. Lastly, our holders may not want to hold a token that is influenced by one market or the other -- by creating a new token that was airdropped to holders, we solved this problem by providing our current holders with both tokens, with which they can choose what to do.

There was no ICO. A recent article stated that 83 percent of ICOs traded at a lower price when they hit exchanges, so we opted for a direct to market approach. We wanted RLX to find price discovery on its own, to the benefit of our holders.

The remainder of the team’s tokens will be distributed, as were the others, in a reasonable way. We do not wish to rush to market, and we will release them slowly and responsibly.

Relex does not have any direct competitors in the space. Cryptocurrencies like Propy, Alt.Estate, Realecoin, CPROP, REX, Reidado, Atlant, etc. are all in the business of asset tokenization. What this means is that the ownership of the property is placed onto a smart contract, tokenized, and then token holders can buy those properties and receive their proportional rent from a blockchain-based purchase.

On the other hand, Relex is involved in real estate development. This means that Relex holders get in on the ground floor, investing before the properties are marked up to higher values. Overall, the real estate development process is more lucrative for capital investors.

There are a few reasons why we needed to have our own token:

1) SEC/FINRA will not give approval while completely dependent on another cryptocurrency. What if that crypto were to crash for a reason completely external and uncontrollable by Relex holders? With Relex as the vehicle, though, we would be able to switch to a different blockchain if need be in the future.

2) SEC/FINRA would also not agree to having the value of a real estate development cryptocurrency be directly linked to cryptocurrencies used for many other things. The value of RLX is directly linked only to Relex and we are in complete control of how our platform works.

3) We need the feature of having smart contracts to reduce paperwork hassles and also create contractual agreements that only operate after certain objectives are completed.

4) We could not do the things we wanted to reward our holders if we were on a different platform. For example, Relex Life would simply come into existence with no airdrop for our company's supporters. We wanted to benefit those who have supported us. And we cut away the 1 billion tokens in the team wallet, so making a profit off it for ourselves wasn't an objective, either.

2017: Partner with 3 major real estate developers, launch coin, list on various exchanges

2018 Q1: Expand team, begin search for Russian office space, present at Yalta Economic Conference by invitation

2018 Q2: Expand into Vladivostok, launch subsidiary Relex Health, begin partnership with Katipult, begin pilot program with the Russian Central Bank

2018 Q3: Launch new websites for Relex Life and Relex Development (including fully functional platforms at launch), formally launch in Russia, host investor summit in Vietnam

2018 Q4: Fund full projects to completion, bring in institutional investors, continue to add new developers to our platform and raise our assets under advisory.

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Acquire Rlx

Video Example -

1. Sign up on Coinbase as either an Individual or Business.

2. Fill in the required KYC fields to open your account and upload a picture of your passport for ID verification.

3. You will then need to verify the bank account or credit card that you wish to buy purchase cryptocurrency with.

4. Once verification has been completed, you are ready to buy cryptocurrency using Coinbase. With a simple dashboard that allows for easy navigation, Coinbase is perfect for beginners.

Video Example -

1. First, you will have to access the MEW wallet client by visiting the MyEtherWallet website.

2. Enter a password that you want to keep for the wallet and click on ‘Create New Wallet’. (Note: This password encrypts your private key. This does not act as a seed to generate your keys. You will need the password entered + your private key to unlock your wallet.)

3. Once you click on ‘Create New Wallet’, you will find an instruction you to download ‘Keystore File’ with several important disclaimers. After reading the instructions, click ‘Download Keystore File’. Once done with that, the ‘Continue’ option will be enabled.

4. You will see an UTC file that needs to be saved and secured. Do not change the name or content of the file in any case. Save the file to an offline hard drive or a pen drive which you don’t take online.

5. It’s also worthwhile to consider using Metamask in conjunction with MyEtherWallet.

Video Example -

1. There is no need to create an account with your name, email, and a password to use IDEX. Rather, simply connect an ethereum wallet with a keystore file or private key, and select unlock wallet to get started. Then choose the wallet type and press “select wallet file”.

2. Once you have selected the wallet that you want to use to trade on IDEX, you must deposit a minimum of 0.15 ETH into your IDEX wallet in order for you to buy RLX tokens. You should get a pop-up, asking you to confirm your deposit.

3. Once your ETH deposit has gone through, you then want to click onto the ETH/RLX trading pair and fill in how much RLX you want to buy. You can either buy at the market rate or place an order on the order book.

4. When your order has finally been filled, you will be a proud owner of RLX tokens - which you can then withdraw back into your private wallet to keep them safe.