Real estate development, at the speed of crowd.

real estate exposure, by relex



Since January 2017, we have been looking for a better way to develop real estate in both developing countries and funds. 

Relex is the world's 1st cryptocurrency based real estate developer opportunity. With this new cryptocurrency, utilize our crowdsourcing platform and become more than an investor- become a proxy developer, participate in multiple projects from world class developers, share in developer profits, and watch your creation come to life. 

Get regular updates, be represented as a proxy developer, and let your voice be heard regarding the outcome of the real estate project. Through our direct connections with the project owners and the Relex crowdsourcing platform, we offer a transparent, personalized connection that enables you to be a proxy real estate developer.   

We have contractually worked with amazing partners for years in the real estate and private equity industry, such as Paul Gambles' MBMG Group and Douglas Clayton's Leopard Capital. We possess multiple contracts across Southeast Asia and North America, amounting to billions of dollars of real estate investment opportunities for you to benefit from. Furthermore, we have years of experience running crowdsourcing platforms and projects, so we are very much looking forward to working with our proxy developers to translate great ideas to real world results. 

Now is the time for you to rise to your feet as claim your position as a proxy developer. We want to distribute the institutional benefits of world class real estate investment to the people, and work with amazing partners - like you.

Relex partner projects value the following features: 


Know exactly what you are investing in- down to the exact building. 


Regardless of market price downturns, some developers here in Southeast Asia contractually offer to guarantee a minimum ROI on your investment. With Relex, participate in these offers when applicable- regardless of your investment amount. In the event that the project incurs a loss, the developer still pays out the guarantee to investors.  

Redistributed broker commissions-

We have negotiated a variety of deals across boardrooms in Southeast Asia and North America in order to negotiate the highest possible commissions we can- in some cases, up to as high as 10%. We redistribute these hard-won commissions on premium market contracts back to you, the community, as a way to give our proxy developers the best deal possible while they take an active role in the development of our partner developer's projects.

Crowdsourced involvement-

Have a design for a new building? Have a better way to increase foot traffic? Have a mastermind way to put a megaproject on the map as a regional or global hotspot destination? Now you have the chance to prove your worth as a proxy developer with some of the top and emerging development companies in Asia and North America.

Wisdom from the crowd in real estate development is officially here. And we cant wait to see what you help build with us. 


Let us introduce you to a couple of our many partner developers who are looking forward to building with you. Additional partners currently under contract will be revealed Q4 2017.

Our Core Team

Keith Hilden, Co-Founder

Keith Hilden is a Bitcoin veteran since 2011, and a frontier market finance professional that  possesses deep experience  in crowdsourcing from his time in leadership positions at the world's first crowdsourced consultancy. He has worked over the years to deepen investment ties between developing markets in Asia and North America. 


Kevin-Vu Nguyen, Co-Founder

Kevin-Vu Nguyen possesses multiple years of business development experience at various multinational companies, and has extensive experience in cross-border investment advisory in the area of real estate and pharmaceuticals, and has experience particularly in entertainment-complex investments.


Han Wen, CTO

Han Wen is a highly sought after talented IT professional who has experience in payment system integrity in the area of mobile banking and other traditional legacy structures. He has consistently held senior software engineer titles in everything he does since 2009. Han Wen has also been a Bitcoin veteran, involved since 2011.


aDVISORy team

John Bonar, Chief Investment Advisor

Deputy Chairman of the Westminster Russia Forum, John Bonar has spent much of his 68 years reporting on emerging market countries in the Middle East, Russia and South East Asia. He is committed to forging business links between the developed world and emerging markets.


Hriday Sarma, Chief Business Strategist

Hriday Sarma has extensive experience working on behalf of the Indian government in Azerbaijan, Israel, and other nations. He is also the Founder of the Caucusus Asia Center, an organization working to deepen investment ties between the Caucusus and South Asia. 


Eric Wong, Real Estate Crowdsourcing Expert

Eric Wong is the Administrator of Skyscraper City (, the world's largest online forum for online skyscrapers and associated real estate projects. He is highly sought after for his razor-sharp insight about the real estate market.